The Desaulniers Visit

Last night we had some friends from Iowa, the Desaulniers, stop by for the night. They were in Michigan last weekend, and called us to ask if they could stop for the night at our house on their way home. Of course we are always delighted to have guests, so last night around 6:15 they showed up.

We enjoyed a meal together and great conversation, however I can't speak to this much, because I had to leave for a piano lesson at 7:15, consequently missing most of the meal (fortunately my piano teacher teaches about a mile down the road, so I didn't have to go far). When I got home around 8:50 we talked for a while and then played "Four-On-A-Couch". The goal of this game is to get everyone from the opposing team off the couch, and four people from your team on. This is basically accomplished by one empty seat, a lot of thinking, and continual systematic rearranging of the group, until the final goal is accomplished. Here is a picture of the four couch representatives from the boys team!



Also, I just got some hilarious pictures from the conference that we met the Desaulniers at (the national home school leadership conference in Philadelphia, PA). These pictures are from one night that a few of the state leaders children got together to play some games. In the pictures are the Backs (OH), Clarks (OH), Desaulniers (IA), Hekis (IA), and of course the Erbers (IL).

The game that we are playing is "I've Never Done It". Rarely were there such wild stampedes as I am about to show you, but the few that did happen were captured courtesy of Mr. Heki.

Make sure you get a seat, or you will be stuck in the middle having to say something that you've never done.

Now this is something I've never done, :-) but it does look like the boys made it to the seats first. BTW: Notice the expressions of everyone seated - quite hilarious.

No, Joseph and I are not clapping hands, just trying to protect ourselves from a collision.

All right boys, I know you don't want to be in the middle, but honestly I don't think it was worth all this. :-)

On a more normal note - Ryan Heki, stuck in the middle once again.


Erber Correspondent said...


Now, to be fair, you must mention that the girls team won "4 on a couch" once, too - y'all just didn't take a picture of us! :-)

And it looks like I missed a pretty intense game of "I've Never" that night at the national! Next time...


The VHS said...

If not clapping hands, I would say you and Joseph are doing the Virginia Reel.